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The Online Demo!

This Demo allows you to upload limited files and size but illustrates the ease and functionality of Simple2FTP and also shows you the versatility in being able to customize the look and feel of our app. Be sure to login as both a regular user and as an administrator to view Simple2FTP's full potential!

Loaded with Features

NEW - Self-Registration
Allow users to self register online from your web site with a built-in email verification system.
NEW - Time/Date Stamp
Append a date and timestamp to ZIPPED filenames by turning on this option in the Admin Configuration
and much more!

Your Own Design

Wrap Simple2FTP using your site HTML to match your own web site with as little as 2 files.
Customize your copy of Simple2FTP by modifying the header and footer files to allow it to integrate with your existing web pages. Keep the professional design you worked so hard to create!

Try Both Users

Log in as a regular user (Username: demo   Password: demo) and login as an administrator (Username: demoadmin   Password: demoadmin) to see how easy it is!
Keeps files secure and separate from individual users, create user accounts, customers can easily log in and upload or download files!

Simple2FTP Screenshots